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Our Approach


R & B

Research and Brainstorming

Our first step in any project is to learn as much as we can about you, your company and your products. Who are you? What makes your company work? How are your offerings different than the next guy? We’re super nerds, this part of the process is something we totally love.

We also take some time to look at your competitors, your consumers and your intended audiences. Knowing how to write about your product requires knowing who we’re writing to and how we’re setting ourselves apart from the rest of the crowd.

Totally nerd out

When we say we’re nerds, we mean it.

Building from the ground up

You wouldn't build a house without blueprints, would you?


Walk before we run

Building a strategic plan is key. For large branding projects, content strategy, public relations plans or social media management- everything has a plan and a purpose.



Nearly perfect, nearly

Content is drafted, edited, reviewed by the client, revised and edited again by our team. Nothing goes to press without multiple rounds of revisions. Our words should look, feel and sound like your brand.

Stop, Collaborate and listen

Get to work, then work some more, then try it again.

Just do it!

It's hard to start, even harder to finish.


Like the project, not a person

We push the big red button and get to work pushing content. We put the words where they’ll have the most impact and build your brand story.


Measure Results

How’d we do?

Words make a difference. Words that sell make a measurable difference. We monitor SEO, site traffic, conversion rates and content engagement.


Just when you thought it was all over, it's not.