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Announcing Amplitude Media2 min read

At Amplitude Media we believe in magic, happiness and the creative power of a good blanket fort. While we’ve been working together for a while, we decided it was time to make it Internet Official and let the world at large know we’re open for business and looking to add a couple new clients..

We’re collaborative

As a small group of collabo-nerds, we love working with other creative humans. We know the best ideas occur when you’re conversing about unicorns, quantum theory and dinosaurs, and the best meetings happen over pancakes with friends, clients and coworkers.Yeah, we’re a little unconventional, but isn’t that what you want in a creative agency? People who can inject your brand with a dose of enthusiasm, new ideas and just enough weird to be interesting?

What we do

We’re creators, writers and ideators who love what they do. We’re happiest when we’re using our words to connect humans to each other and making a positive impact on the world around us through:

Writing Services: You need words? We’ve got em’

Social Media Management: It not a fad. It’s here to stay and we like it

Creative Consulting: Taking your ideas from “ehh” to “Amazing”

Who we do it with

We’ve worked with large companies and small companies, nonprofits and startups. We excel at refining and defining brand messages and helping brands effectively share their story.

Drop us a note at and we’ll set up a time for pancakes. At the very least we’ll have an interesting conversation about dinosaurs, unicorns or space. Always space.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


Reid & Amber