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New Youtube Logo

THE NEW TUBE2 min read

A few days ago YouTube made a drastic change to the iconic red bubble with a play button in the middle.  After 12 years, the video streaming platform redesigned their logo bringing with it a series of questions like Why? What’s new? What does this mean for the future of YouTube?

First off, relax

With any brand, especially ones that make it past the 10-year mark, it’s necessary to change as you evolve. If you’re not trying to perfect what you do and build upon the success of the past then what are you doing? Seriously. Static companies die. The only way forward is forward.

New shiny things

To accompany the updated logo, YouTube introduced a series of new updates, our personal favorite being the swipe left functionality. That’s not an ode to Tinder, but it is Reid’s favorite thing to come from the dating platform. A whole generation of users have been taught a new way to use the internet, and that’s powerful.

When you swipe left the service will cue up a new video based on its recommendation algorithms, offering an infinite smorgasbord of possible entertainment. Skipped something but decide later it actually seemed interesting? Just swipe right to find it again. Incredible. But that’s not all the updates coming with the new logo. We’ll let YouTube share the rest with you:

It’s an evolution, not a revolution

This new look and feel are ushering in a new era for YouTube. With so many new cool things, like swipe left and right (we get it Reid you really like that part), and a more user-friendly UX, we think we can speak for the rest of the internet when we say we’re excited for the future of the platform.

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