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Monday has a new look2 min read

I’m sure you’ve heard of Monday, the first day of the week. The day that comes after Sunday and before Tuesday. The day that reminds us that it’s time to work and get started. What it doesn’t remind us of, or make us think about is project management – until now.


Recently, Dapulse, the project management software that simplifies the way your team works, rebranded to – and we’re kind of digging the new look for the start of the week.


This stirred up a serious conversation with a few of my colleagues #branding nerds about the effectiveness of a rebrand and how it can be done wrong, very wrong (we’ll share a few examples). But in the case of, we all agreed they got it right, and here’s why.


*This post was not paid for by or any of its affiliates. I’m just passionate about branding and happen to be an active participant in project management tools. Although, they did send me swag and I’m not mad about that.*

Move towards simplification

In a society where brands constantly fight for their customer’s attention, simplicity has become king.


The more simple your message, the easier it is to remember. It’s not due to our attention spans being shortened (myth), that’s not true. What’s happened is that we’ve changed how we digest information.


We want things to be simple, and intuitive. We’re striving to become more efficient by becoming better at what we do.

That’s Monday’s (formerly Dapulse) goal – To simplify its user experience, from its branding, messaging and marketing to its tools and functionality, making you more efficient and better at what you do.



When this is your brand goal, changing your name to something simple just makes sense. Dapulse, although fun, was a name that was both difficult to pronounce and spell.

Be creative

Project management software isn’t new, but building a project management software that has a creative brand with a better user experience is.


One thing to keep in mind when going through a rebrand is to be creative and make something unique within your space.

*This isn’t the article that’s going to tell you that you need to differentiate your brand, that’s here.

What we mean by saying be creative, is to try out different things. Dapulse did, and, it’s working.

For more information on their recent rebrand, you can go here.